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Cell phone with a digital contract, pen, and signature.

We SIMPLIFY closings
to increase your earnings effortlessly achieves successful

on-time closings and satisfied clients by proficient managed transaction processes.

Our Process

Unlock the door to freedom and find more time to sell.

Streamline closings


Increased earnings


Get your life back


What do you gain when working with RTC?


Real-Estate Exeperince


More Time Out of Office


Saved per Closing


Real Estate Transaction Coordination Services


We act on your behalf as a member of your team to engage all contracted parties.


Schedule confirming, signature aquistions, and agent consultations.


Confirm applications, apprisal orders and results, underwriting monitoring. 


Title documentation, existing or new, survey orders, and title policy aquistions.


Covering all aspects  from Disbursement Authorization to closing documents. 



Partnering with RTC saves you time and money.

As a real estate agent, managing a home under contract requires you to be the ultimate project manager. However, you don't have to spend time chasing paperwork and missing out on sales.

Our team understands your struggles. By automating systems and simplifying closings, we can help you boost your revenue, enhance the client experience, and accelerate the growth of your business.

Our approach involves three steps:


  1. Provide us with your contract

  2. Let us coordinate the transaction

  3. Experience an increase in closed deals


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Iconography of real estate coordniation services that include; increased sales graphs, people working at a computer, stacks of books, and contracts.

RTC Quote of the Day

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”

William Penn

English Writer, Religious Thinker, and Influencer

Encompass FAQ's
  • When do we pay RTC?
    When the property closes and you get paid. When the title company prepares all of the checks, a separate check will be prepared for you (or your brokerage) and one to RTC.
  • What happens if a contract falls through? Do we still have to pay RTC?
    No, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.
  • How will I know what is being done on a day-to-day basis with my transaction?
    RTC will copy you on every email communication we send to your clients. We will keep you up to date on everything and anything we do if it relates to your property/file.
  • Will RTC upload the paperwork for my transaction to the database that I use for compliance?
    Yes, we will make sure everything is ready to go for your closing day. That way, the only document you’ll have to upload is your final CD.
  • On a buyer transaction, what does RTC NOT handle?
    Repair negotiations. We believe it is an important part of the home buying process and that the agent should negotiate/handle this.
  • Does RTC handle New Construction Contracts?
    Yes. We’ll work with the builder’s office.


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